Okanagan Bee Hives

Standard Langstroth 10- Frame Hive

Our Langstroth hives are for the most part, standard with the following exceptions:

1. Our optional R-5 insulated bottom board is standard on all hives. Our research showed a considerable heat loss reduction with the insulated bottom boards. A standard bottom board is optional.

2. Our inner covers have 3/8" or "bee space" with an upper entrance and 2 1/2" depth above for feeding syrup in pails, pollen patties, fondant or candy.  They have R-6.8 removable insulation for year-round insulation against the heat and cold when not used for feeding.

3. 8-frame and 10-frame supers are available.

6. Our standard 5-frame nuc box is constructed with the "bee space" above the frames. It comes with two follow boards for expanding your nucs.

6. Super construction uses the half-lap joint. Although many beekeepers prefer the box joint, we feel ours is as strong with lots of waterproof glue and 2" 15 ga. staples. 1 1/4" staples are used at the corners for added strength.

NEW PRODUCT: We now have introduced a set of "Hive Top Nuc Boxes" for raising nucs on top of your brood boxes. Each is 8 1/4" wide, has #8 screen on bottom to separate nucs from the hive, an entrance hole on front and feeder hole on top: The heat from the hive helps keep the nuc warm: